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An european school project against discrimination and persecution

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Johann Philipp Palm Schule

Johann Philipp Palm Schule

The JPP school in Schorndof, Germany is the project coordinator. Three teachers and 18 students from germany working within this project. The project presentation will start at the 28th of April 2016.

Katholiek Scholencentrum Joma

Katholiek Scholencentrum Joma

The Joma school is the project partners from Belgium. The school participates in the project with 16 students and 2 teachers.

Mendelova strední škola

Mendelova strední škola

The Mendelova střední škola is the project partners from Nový Jičín, Czech Republic. The school participates in the project with 16 students and 2 teachers.

A European Project – supported by the evz Stiftung and Europeans For Peace

Life Trails
a European school project against discrimination and persecution

Exploring the biographies of Jews in Belgium and Roma in the Czech Republic

Participating Schools:

  • Joma Secundair School
    Antwerp, Belgium
  • Mendelova strední škola
    Nový Jičín, Czech
  • Johann Philipp Palm Schule
    Schorndorf, Germany

Meetings and Agenda:

October 2015 Antwerp, Belgium

  • Interviewing old Jewish people in an old people´s homem
  • Interviewing Jewish students at Tachemoni School
  • Researching at museums

March 2016 Nový Jicín, Czech Republic

  • Interviewing old Sinti and Roma
  • Interviewing young Sinti and Roma
  • Researching historical biographies

April 2016, Schorndorf, Germany

  • Preparation and final work

Final exhibition: Thursday, 28 April 2016 entrance hall Johann-Philipp-Palm Schule, Schorndorf presenting the project results: coming together, theatre play, videos, posters, homepage, farewell party

The Project Participants

The selection of the project participants is a matter for the individual partner schools as the school systems are quite different as well as the school organisation. One school may opt to favour students who have chosen a historical subject to qualify or have an extra historical emphasis in their curriculum. Another school may want to benefit groups of students which are at risk of discrimination or belong to minorities, not necessarily jewish or roma. Still another school will select a class with a strong emphasis on history and languages. In that case the project can be integrated in the normal lessons. The last way of selecting suits a school organisation which is built on class activities.
Here you can view some pictures due to the project

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  1. Project Coordinator: Amparo Morte

  2. Address: Johann-Philipp-Palm-Schule Grabenstraße 10, 73614 Schorndorf

  1. Fax: 07181 604111

  2. E-Mail: mor@jpp-schule.de